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What’s on TV This Week: ‘Catch and Kill’ and the MLB All-Star Game

By BY SHIVANI GONZALEZ Arts HBO airs a documentary about Ronan Farrow’s book “Catch and Kill,” and the MLB hosts its 91st annual All-Star Game. New York Times Television, Movies July 12, 2021 at 05:00AM

Phoebe Philo Is Returning to Fashion With Her Own Brand

By BY VANESSA FRIEDMAN Fashion The patron saint of designing for the female gaze is back. New York Times Fashion and Apparel, Women and Girls, Design, your-feed-fashion July 12, 2021 at 04:05AM

Hong Kong Migrants Seek Fresh Start in U.K. After Crackdown

By BY ISABELLA KWAI AND ALEXANDRA STEVENSON Business Many who have left the city say they feel less like refugees than trailblazers, eager to build a new home after watching their old one slowly transform under Beijing. New York Times Immigration and Emigration, Politics and Government, Asylum, Right of, Visas July 12, 2021 at 04:01AM

Jeanie Buss Is Laughing Through Her Pain

By BY JON GOLD Sports A series of personal and professional losses have challenged the Los Angeles Lakers’ owner in recent years. So she turned to stand-up comedy. New York Times Content Type: Personal Profile, Basketball, Appointments and Executive Changes July 12, 2021 at 04:01AM

Shohei Ohtani Is Just the Star America’s Pastime Needs

By BY KURT STREETER Sports This week the Angels star, one of the greatest spectacles in all of sports, will hit and pitch in the All-Star Game. He could not have timed his breakout season any better. New York Times Baseball, Discrimination, All Star Games July 12, 2021 at 04:01AM

Your Monday Briefing

By BY NATASHA FROST Briefing Italy’s victory over England. New York Times July 12, 2021 at 03:05AM

Quotation of the Day: Village Fought Off Virus, but Neighbors Didn’t. It’s a Bad Sign for India.

By Unknown Author Today’s Paper Quotation of the Day for Monday, July 12, 2021. New York Times July 12, 2021 at 02:15AM

No Corrections: July 12, 2021

By Unknown Author Corrections No corrections appeared in print on Monday, July 12, 2021. New York Times July 12, 2021 at 02:15AM


By BY EMILY CHAN AND KONEY BAI World 滴滴旗下25款应用被勒令下架;中国央行降准0.5个百分点;极端热浪炙烤美国西部;意大利赢得欧洲杯冠军;孟加拉国工厂火灾至少51人亡……这里是今日要闻。 New York Times July 12, 2021 at 02:01AM

Review: In ‘Seize the King,’ ‘Richard III’ Goes to Harlem

By BY LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES Theater It’s a tale that Will Power intends as cautionary, with cycles of history and human violence in mind. New York Times Theater, Black People July 12, 2021 at 01:47AM

13-Year-Old Boy, Believed to Be the Intended Target, Dies in Bronx Shooting

By BY AZI PAYBARAH U.S. The boy was shot by a gunman who emerged from a passing vehicle in what the police called a gang-related attack. New York Times Murders, Attempted Murders and Homicides July 12, 2021 at 01:05AM

William Smith, Action Star Known for His Onscreen Brawls, Dies at 88

By BY EDUARDO MEDINA Arts In addition to his Hollywood legacy, the Missouri native was also a bodybuilder, a champion discus thrower and a published poet. New York Times Actors and Actresses, Deaths (Obituaries), Movies, Stunts and Stuntmen, Television July 12, 2021 at 01:03AM

Before & After Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’

By BY CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN AND ALIZA AUFRICHTIG Arts Funkadelic’s third album was a psychedelic blast of freewheeling protest music. As the LP turns 50, we look back at the music that fueled it — and that was inspired by it. New York Times Music July 12, 2021 at 01:00AM

Nordstrom, Eying 20-Somethings, Strikes Deal With the Online Giant Asos

By BY SAPNA MAHESHWARI Business Nordstrom hopes a partnership with the online fashion behemoth can attract younger shopper back to its stores and its website. New York Times Shopping and Retail, Fashion and Apparel, Shopping Centers and Malls, Millennial Generation, Generation Z July 12, 2021 at 01:00AM

The Voter Fraud Fraud

By BY CHARLES M. BLOW Opinion A Black man was praised for his willingness to vote. Now he faces criminal charges. New York Times Black People, Voter Registration and Requirements, State Legislatures, United States Politics and Government, Voting and Voters, Criminal Justice July 12, 2021 at 12:33AM

Prominent Lawyer Makes Moves to Represent Britney Spears

By BY MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT AND LIZ DAY Arts Mathew Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor, plans to attend a hearing on Wednesday and make the case that the singer should be permitted to hire him for her conservatorship battle. New York Times Suits and Litigation (Civil), Wills and Estates, Pop and Rock Music July 11, 2021 at 11:58PM

Murder Mystery: What Were Colombian Military Vets Doing in Haiti?

By BY JULIE TURKEWITZ AND SIMON ROMERO World At least 20 Colombians have been implicated by Haitian officials in the plot to assassinate the president. But their role in the killing, if any, is murky. New York Times Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations, Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors, Veterans July 11, 2021 at 11:56PM

M.L.B.’s Top Prospects Are Busy Again

By BY TYLER KEPNER Sports Last year, the pandemic canceled the minor league season. Now, those lower leagues are testing grounds for new rules. And two key events, the Futures Game and the draft, have kicked off All-Star weekend. New York Times Baseball, Minor Leagues July 11, 2021 at 11:31PM

Haitian officials investigating the Moïse murder say they have arrested a Florida doctor.

By BY CATHERINE PORTER World A third suspect with U.S. ties has now been held in the assassination of Haiti’s president. New York Times Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations July 11, 2021 at 11:23PM

Bootleg Fire in Oregon Scorches 143,000 Acres as Heat Wave Continues in the West

By BY GIULIA HEYWARD U.S. With record-breaking temperatures and hard-to-contain wildfires, Western states are struggling through a hellish summer. New York Times Wildfires, Weather, Fires and Firefighters, Temperature July 11, 2021 at 11:15PM

Haitians decry photos said to be of President Moïse’s corpse circulating on social media.

By BY CATHERINE PORTER AND OSCAR LOPEZ World A country already reeling from the assassination of its leader reacted to the images with horror and despair. New York Times Social Media, Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations July 11, 2021 at 10:27PM